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June 2017
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margaretarts [userpic]
Grateful for flat things--yesterday

Flat things are not often singled out for gratitude. But in the Joy Dare, we were urged yesterday to single out 3 flat things to be happy about.

I'm experiencing the rare chance to take a long artist retreat. Sounds ideal, doesn't it? One caveat: you will have all the resources you need to paint, but you have to take all your voices with you.

The first week I was here, I went to a yard sale and found for $10 an old wooden drawing board, the kind that can tip horizontally or vertically, with a nice lip to hold canvases or what-have-you. The next week, I went to a couple of art supply stores and bought a lot of things I still haven't used yet: watercolors and pads and brushes and colored pens and acrylics and four square canvases on sale, 2 for 1. I set up the nicest art studio I've ever had, in the space between an old barn and the outdoors, in a large courtyard, with an old blue cabinet to hold things.

But there was the old voice asking none too gently, "Are you about to slather paint on squares of cloth? What makes you think that's worthwhile in the Grand Scheme of Things? Don't you need to pay some bills?" Another voice asked, " Don't you need a degree for that? Don't you need a pack to hang out with? Don't you need years of angst in New York?" Then another voice chimed in, asking, "Why haven't you done it yet? What are you waiting for, a muse?" It took me a long time to sort out those voices to hear one clear one (mine) saying, "I just want to, that's all." Then, finally (after reading Vonnegut's Bluebeard, of all things, whose main character is an Abstract Expressionist) I plopped on a floppy sunhat and tromped down to the barn, and under the porch roof where the honeysuckle are already giving off promises of home far away, I made these yesterday:

copyright 2013 margaret kellermann. Not to be reprinted without permission.

"Some Days Are Like That"

copyright 2013 margaret kellermann. Not to be reprinted without permission.

"You Are Here"

copyright 2007 margaret kellermann. Not to be reprinted without permission.

"Storm Vision"

Another thing that boosted my confidence a bunch: I pointed out this 2007 painting, "Storm Vision," the other day to my friend Mark. It wasn't even for sale. He said he might like to buy it. Which meant, he did.