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June 2017
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margaretarts [userpic]
Taking the Joy Dare, starting now

Has everyone else heard of the Joy Dare? Where you're urged to come up with 3 photographs or poems or tiny journal entries per day, according to the prompts in the Joy Dare, to find and express gratitude for 3 gifts a day? Sometimes the gifts can seem ironic, dark, even horrifying, and that's part of the overall plan: See everything as a gift, not just the brightly wrapped shiny things. This seems perfect for livejournalists. So if you're intrigued, and you haven't started already, I dare you.

I'm a bit late to the 2013 party, I fear, but the author of the blog A Holy Experience assures me I've arrived right where I am, right on time. And if I forget, or get distracted until December, that's all right, too.

So, to begin today, April 30:

Gifts given, made, sacrificed:

Paring down, I'm giving this lovely fairy queen to a poet friend who fills her walls with paintings of women of strength and beauty. I bought it at a yard sale two years ago from a woman who was also paring down; we shared stories of real fairy sightings in Ireland.

"There is nothing you can see that is not a flower." --Basho. I made this card recently, testing out watercolors again after years away. It's hard not to judge my art against the way I want it to look, but I'll just be grateful for watercolors and send it to my new grandson, 1 month old. He won't judge it. And besides, there is nothing you can see in the painting that is not a flower. (The yellow mug is a favorite, from Kensington Potteries, England.)

My concoction---freshly shaved coconut, unsalted peanuts and Ghirardelli chocolate drops---was a gift sacrificed to my stomach this morning. (The tablecloth is from a local kitchen shop, and the plate is old diner china.)

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Thank you so much.