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June 2017
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margaretarts [userpic]
Kindly words, part 2

Abe and Isaac
as found at youmademesayit.blogspot.com

Feb 2 (continued)

Joe turns to the preacher and shouts something, so the preacher walks over. All I hear is the preacher saying "Jesus" very gently several times in the conversation, and then he walks across the street and is gone. Joe turns to me and asks proudly, "Did you hear what I said?"

Me: No, I couldn't hear over the traffic.

Joe: I shouted, "Hey, what are you selling?" And he didn't get the joke, so he came over and said, "Jesus." And I said, "You can't sell Jesus!" He didn't get it. So I said it again, What are you selling, and he said it again: Jesus. And then he asked me if I wanted to be baptized! "Are you kidding?" I said. He just said something about Jesus again and left. He wasn't very good at marketing!

M: Wow.

J: I've been selling for a long time, 30 years, and when you've got a customer, you don't just give up that fast. Unless you know you don't have a sale. Then you just walk away and you don't waste your time.

M: Maybe he knew he didn't have a sale.

J: You know, you're right. That could be. But you have to at least respond. You don't just walk away. Anyway, he was just reading out loud on this street corner. Nobody could even hear him. What a waste!

M: I couldn't hear much, but I could tell it was parts of the Bible. You know, I'm a Christian, too. And I was just writing about that man here in my journal. I was writing that it's very hard for me to judge whether or not it's foolish for him to be out here on the sidewalk. Because God asked people in the Bible to do some very strange things. He told Abraham to go up on a mountain and sacrifice his son, and at the last minute God stopped him and said, "No, that's okay, I believe you trust me enough to do that." So maybe God is asking that man to read and sing out on this busy street.

J: Because maybe one little word will seep through.

M: Yes.

J: I used to think I was right about everything. But now I'm older I know I don't know everything. I'm-- what is the word when you know you can die anytime?

M: Mortal.

J: Yes, mortal. Life is so fragile. You're not invincible. You can get hit by a truck and it's over. You didn't have time. You thought you had time to think about what you would do, but it's over too fast.


A very satisfying conclusion. Thank you.

Glad it was worth the wait. I appreciate reading your stories, too.

a very good story!

Thank you! It's doubly satisfying: once when you sit down and write a story... and then again when you get responses within a few hours!

Kindly words 1&2

Beautiful, rich, difficult, true ... As always I find gold here, Margaret.